The Odd Coaches Podcast, led by Dr. Keith Adams and his "Cavalcade of Stars," offers dynamic perspectives covering all aspects of sports. New episodes are released every Tuesday through Thursday most weeks, featuring special editions like "Motivational Monday" and "Find the Balance Friday" interspersed throughout the year

  •  "Motivation Monday" kick starts the week with inspirational messages for student-athletes and stakeholders.
  • "Top Shelf Tuesday" delves into the realm of professional football.
  • "Wind Up Wednesday" shines a spotlight on men's and women's professional basketball.
  • "Throwdown Thursday" covers college football, men's and women's basketball, and the administrative side of college athletics.
  • "Find the Balance Friday" presents interviews with academic and athletic leaders sharing insights into the intersection of education and sports.

Listeners can easily access The Odd Coaches Podcast on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and iHeart, ensuring they stay connected with the latest insights and discussions in the sports world.

Odd Coaches Podcast